4 Essential SEO Techniques to Master In 2016

Things move fast in the web marketplace, and the strategies to get web traffic that worked two years ago might be moot by now. Don’t waste your time with old news, instead learn what to focus on in 2016 to succeed.

1. Coordinate Your SEO and Content Teams

No matter how good your content is, it may not be enough to drive traffic to your site without the help of some search engine optimization know-how. Marrying your SEO and Content efforts means balancing the needs and desires of your users with the needs of search engines. Good content keeps users interested, while good SEO keeps exposing your site to more users.


Great SEO can get tons of users to your site, but just getting users to your website isn’t enough. You need to hold them there too. Seek a perfect integration of content value and site visibility.

2. Find Effective Metrics to Measure Success

One of the biggest challenges of web design and marketing is finding a reliable way to measure success. There are hundreds of metrics tools out there, and they all give you tons of numbers, but not all of these numbers have proved useful. Popular metrics programs have been so unreliable to date that many marketing companies end up just going with their gut to decide which strategies are working.

Seek ways to simplify the data you collect, and make sure you understand the value of the data you use. For instance, you may be getting lots of new traffic to your site, but it isn’t translating to sales. If your end goal is sales, then you’ll know that you need to focus on converting traffic to sales. If you can find the weak link in the chain where you’re losing users, you’ll know what changes to make to improve your business.

3. Establish Powerful Backlinks

If you want to build a growing loyal and satisfied customer base, you’ll want fortify your site with valuable backlinks. That means actively seeking connections to other quality resources in your industry. Some ways to do this are: interviews with industry professionals, mutual link-sharing with other websites, and linking to quality content.

This strategy requires a lot of digging around to find out the trusted voices in the industry. To save time and manpower, you may choose to hand this task over to a company with strong marketing strategies.


4. Go Mobile

More and more each year, the numbers seem to tell us that mobile marketing is the way of the future. In fact, it’s already the way of the present. According to comScore, mobile platforms (smartphones and tablets) account for up to 60% of total time on digital media. That means that the mobile platform should be a central concern for any web-based business.

Spend more time and resources ensuring that your site is mobile-friendly and responsive to every kind of interface. It’s very obvious to users which sites have invested in mobile strategy. Don’t push potential customers away because your website looks bad on a phone.

Author Bio: Carolyn Clarke is a freelance writer at Coalition Technologies, Los Angeles, CA. She specializes in best marketing practices. In her spare time, she enjoys painting and making DIY crafts with her two daughters, Emily and Evelyn.

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