Its easy to connect your Google Maps Listing to your Google Plus page. Learn it here

For startups and new web masters, it may seem confusing, but managing G Maps listings and G+ page is a cake walk.

With the recent update, Google has introduced the ability to integrate Google Maps and Google Plus Page.

Your G+ Map contains the important information like address, operating hours and reviews.

By doing this, you will retain all your managers, followers and posts as well.

It makes a lot of sense that your Google Plus page keeps all the information about the business at one place and thus help your potential customers in decision making.

Please follow the steps mentioned hereunder:

  • 1. First and foremost is you should have the separate G+ page. In case you don’t have one, please click here to understand how to achieve this.
  • After that, Login to your G+ page. On the left navigation pane, you will find the option Pages. Click on pages and click on Manage this page on the local page. See image below:

Manage your Google Plus Page

  • Local page look like your current page. There is grey coloured shield which has a tick mark option and if you take your mouse over, it will show Verified Local Business.
  • From the left navigation pane, click on Dashboard > Settings.
  • Scroll down and you will see the section called Profile as shown in the following image. Click on “Connect a Different Page”


  • You will the see a dialog box as under, saying Link a different page to this location.
  • Pick the page you want to connect and press Next.
  • You will see a list describing the changes to the newly-created page you’re connecting to Maps, and the local Google+ page you’re disconnecting from Maps. Click Confirm.


Now the new page will:

  • Display the name and badge from the former local page.
  • Business information hours will be fetched from the former local page.
  • Will retain your followers, posts and managers with their respective roles.
  • If you have custom URL set up, it will be retained.

The former page will:

  • Not display on Google Maps.
  • Not display local business information and reviews.
  • Renamed to “Backup of ”
  • Still remain visible on Google+
  • Retain all the posts, followers and managers.
  • Retain Custom URL, if any.
  • No longer display the Adwords express campaigns associated with the page.

You can also delete the formal local page, if you wish to.

To delete the formal page, see instructions here.

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