How Google Determines Age And Gender Under The Demographics Report In Google Analytics

Late last year, you might have noticed something called “audience reports” on your Google Analytics dashboard. These reports provide you with the ability to compile demographic (age/gender) and interest (affinity categories) information, which has previously been impossible. These reports are really helpful for businesses for remarketing products and services. The question which comes to every webmasters’ mind is:

How does Google know your age or your gender?

Is it the data of users who have logged in from their Google account. But if this were the case the results would have been good to market the products or services to Google users only, which is completely worng.

So how does this data comes?

We will try to answer this right here.

1. Google can determine user’s gender and age when an user provide his name to a google account or to a google partner.

2. They are able to store a number in your browser (via a cookie) to remember your visits. In addition to this, other sites (such as social media) may also provide Google with demographic information.

3. After getting the username, Google discovers the gender using a unique service like DOTS NAME VALIDATION

DOTS Name Validation 2 by Service Objects is a real-time web service API that validates and parses names. This web service parses names into individual data fields, fixes the order of names, and returns the gender associated with the first name.

How is this report useful?

Many people have found that the information garnered through these reports is incredibly valuable for tailoring their online content and advertising to their audience. An ecommerce website, for example, will be able to see which products appeal to certain age and gender groups, whilst music websites will be able to see what age and gender groups are interested in a particular artist.

What data do the reports provide?

Demographics Report

• Overview of traffic by age and gender



• Traffic by age ranges
Age Report - google Analytics

Age Report – google Analytics

• Traffic by gender
Gender report - Google Analytics

Gender report – Google Analytics

Interests Report

• Overview of traffic by affinity and other categories
• Behaviour by affinity categories
• Behaviour by other interest categories

Interests -Audience-Google Analytics

Interests -Audience-Google Analytics

So, how can I start receiving these “audience reports” for my own website?

In order to start pulling these reports as a part of your Google Analytics regime, you will need to enable the feature and add a separate tracking code to your site. It is, however, important to consider how you will use this information and whether it will benefit the optimisation of your site.

To understand more about enabling these reports, please click on the Support link below to know more:

If you need any other information, please feel free write your question in the reply.

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