A guide to using SlideShare For SEO, Branding, Content Marketing and Link Building

For those of you who have always believed that SlideShare is just a document sharing website, we want to prove you wrong. The site can actually be incredibly useful for search engine optimisation (SEO), branding, content marketing and link building – all of which will help to draw traffic into your own website and, hopefully, boost your revenue. Here is why SlideShare is different to other document sharing websites:

  • It is the first and largest community for sharing PowerPoint presentations online;
  • It is the YouTube of document sharing sites;
  • It is currently the most popular document sharing website with 60 million visitors from around the world;
  • It has been optimised for easy viewing on iPads, iPhones and other smartphone devices;
  • It features content that is popular on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn;
  • It is not limited to Word documents and PDFs, it can also host videos and presentations; and
  • It’s content is frequently featured in Google’s organic search results.

Whilst there are certainly a number of benefits to having your content shared on SlideShare, it is important to note that just uploading it and leaving it is not enough. A lot of planning, preparation and promotion is required to ensure that your content reaches your desired audience and, potentially, goes viral. We have provided some tips on how you can benefit from SlideShare’s SEO, branding, content marketing and link building efforts:


It is possible to use SlideShare to boost your search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts; simply follow our tips:

  • Include keywords in the title – make sure you have prominent long-tail keywords in the title of documents, PDFs, presentations and videos;
  • You can add more than 10 tags to your upload – this will help visitors use the internal search function to find your content;
  • Include keywords in the description of your content; and
  • Include links within your content (such as a link on every slide of your presentation), as hyperlinked URLs perform best.

Branding and Content Marketing

It is possible to also use SlideShare for building your brand and content marketing; simply follow our tips:

  • The first slide should be made attractive via the use of a compelling image and titles that can be seen in thumbnails;
  • Keep the words on each slide to a minimum;
  • Share unfamiliar information and encourage the audience to visit your website to learn more;
  • Build slides as if you are telling a story;
  • Use attractive images and fonts; and
  • Keep the colours and images used on the first slide consistent with your brand – use your logo or brand name on each page.

Link Building

It is possible to also use SlideShare for building high quality links for your website; simply follow our tips:

  • Add some links to the last slide, the first slide are throughout all of the slides – keep them consistent; and
  • Add calls to action and direct attention to them with prominent wording or arrows – send them to a landing page.

Whenever you are promoting your SlideShare presentation externally, it is essential that you provide a quick summary of what viewers can expect – this will increase the likelihood of clicks. It is also important to note that you do not have control over the description that is generated below every piece of content that you share on SlideShare (this description is often better, however, when the upload is in PDF format rather than as a Word document).


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