Penguin Dance: Real Time Penguin on the cards

So all webmasters, do you guys have issues that even after submitting the disavow sheet, rankings in Google does not change?

This is a common concern among all webmasters. So finally Google has decided to give you a real time platform where in you can feel the pull and push at the time it happens.

Google is coming up with a Real Time Penguin algorithm that will ensure that any bad link when disavowed takes effect immediately and the benefit of blocking such bad link is passed to the webmaster in SERPs.

Therefore the webmasters need not wait till a new Penguin update is rolled out.

Excited to hear this? There is a caution to webmasters that the bad links which were not contributing to your SERPs negatively will not wait till a new Penguin refresh and now you may see a jittery SERPs following the launch of Real Time Penguin.

Webmasters need to be highly vigilant about the negative optimisation done for websites.

Stay updated to know more on Penguin dance real time.

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