Top 10 Expert Tips For Mobile PPC

The sheer volume of internet searches originating from smart phones and other mobile devices has made mobile Pay Per Click advertising more important than ever before. Yet, according to multiple studies, most businesses are still reluctant to get involved, at their own peril. Here are 10 expert tips for mobile PPC, to make sure you gain a competitive edge.

1. Think With Mobile In Mind

When it comes to mobile PPC, one thing all search engine consultants agree on is the need to write mobile preferred ads. Intent from mobile users can be drastically different from other devices, so think about what users may be using a mobile for, then aim to provide quick solutions. These solutions could be a phone number, directions, etc.

2. Target Mobile With Almost All Campaigns

More than half of all Google searches now originate from mobile devices and usage is only expected to grow further. Mobile traffic is now essential to most businesses, so wherever it makes sense to do so, ad campaigns should be designed, re-designed or adjusted to target mobile users.

3. Make Use of Extensions

Effective use of mobile-friendly ad extensions can be a real game changer for mobile PPC. If you have stores, add a location extension. If you want users to land on specific pages, use sitelink extensions. The exact extensions you utilise will depend on the nature of your business, so contemplate what might be most useful to your customers.

4. Encourage Phone Calls

It may seem like an obvious point, but smart phone users are holding a telephone in their hand. If you do business over the phone, take advantage of this fact and encourage direct calls by using call extensions on your adverts. Similarly, if a phone call is significantly more valuable to you than a web visit, consider using call-only ads.

5. Keep Ad Copy Short

Mobile search adverts are displayed differently to ads on a desktop and since late 2014, Google has opted not to show the second description line in the majority of cases. For this reason, it is crucial that ad copy is kept short. In fact, the most important information, as well as your call to action, should all be in the first 35-characters.

6. Emphasise Physical Location

Quite often, mobile users are on the move, so you need to consider this when predicting potential searches. For instance, if you have physical stores, users may be trying to find the nearest one, so use mobile-specific keywords like “nearby” or “close to me”. You should also ensure you have online map functionality in place.

7. Mobile-Optimise Your Landing Pages

You could have the best mobile PPC strategy in the world, but it would be wasted if your landing pages are not mobile-optimised. Again, you need to consider the purpose behind using a mobile, as well their limitations, and try to make converting as easy as possible. This means short forms, one-click payment methods and call buttons.

8. If You’re Appy, Let Them Know It

With mobile internet use increasing all the time, apps are becoming more important. If you have one of your own, promote it through an app extension. Additionally, you may want to consider app install ads, which promote new downloads, or app engagement ads, which encourage existing users to give the app a try once again.

9. Be Willing to Spend

Mobiles have smaller screens and ads are not displayed down the right-hand side to mobile users, meaning there is less real estate available and mobile bidding becomes important. Research shows that ads placed above the search results perform significantly better on mobile, so work with your search marketing agency to bid ads to the top.

10. Mobile Performance Evaluation

Finally, tracking the performance of your mobile ads is more complicated than with other devices and you need to think outside the box. With desktop ads, you may focus almost entirely on website conversion rates, but with mobile users it may be that app downloads or phone calls are more valuable. If so, you will need to monitor these as well.

Author Bio:

Christelle Macri is a digital marketing consultant with over 17 years of experience in the internet advertising industry. She is the founder of ebizpromotion, a specialist search marketing consultancy, with a no-nonsense and ethical approach to digital marketing. Having worked for a major search engine and pioneering pay for performance advertising networks, she is an expert at turning her clients’ websites into consistent revenue streams, using a variety of digital channels. Catch her on Twitter.

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